Adopting a Blind Senior Miniature Horse

Older Senior Blind Miniature Horse – NIAH

Did we plan to adopt and care for a blind senior miniature horse? No we didn’t know this little mini would steal our hearts when we went to the Angels For Minis Rescue in Walnut Creek, CA back in 2018.

See my Blind Miniature Horse Tips written June 2022.

Blind Miniature Horse Tips
Blind Miniature Horse Tips

I have severe PTSD, post traumatic stress syndrome, and we lived on a property close to 1 acre. With our chicken coop built and our chickens adding so much delight to our days, we had room for more animals. Hmmmm, what and who will be adopt from a rescue?

Goats… nope. I didn’t want the noise. “But they are soooo cute”, you say. Yes, I know! I love goats, large or small. I was referring to having to deal with the neighbors in our area complaining about the goats talking and conversing at all the time. It was the, NOISE, of the neighbors I didn’t want to contend with. Haha!

July 2018: As we settled in with our new chickens, Charlotte, Jewels and Shea Shea, who is in the pink stroller in the main picture of this blog, I continued to run through my mind what type of farm animal would bring a sweetness to our lives and peace of mind to my spirit, heart and mind.

Our Rhode Island Red hens, Jewels and Charlotte have fun finding worms in the soft soil after a night of rain.
Rhode Island Red hens, Jewels and Charlotte

Yes, we had room to have horses but I’m just not into having such a large animal. I rode horses from the time I was a young girl. We even went on week long cattle drives and yes, I was helping to move the cattle and go after any that broke from the herd. But the idea of getting one horse, meant getting two so they could keep each other company as well just wasn’t warming my heart.

And to tell you the truth, I was actually having the feeling of my mind being caught up in a mess of all sorts of thoughts of what the responsibility of having a horse would bring into our lives.

I continued to hang out with Charlotte, Jewels and Shea Shea discussing what animals would be great to have around.

Then I started doing a bit of research on miniature horses. About 45 minutes from where we lived in California, there was a miniature horse rescue in Walnut Creek. Angels For Minis not only had oodles of minis that needed adopted, our son and I could volunteer at the rescue which I thought was a fantastic thing to add to our lifestyle.

We made an appointment with Mary, the Director/owner at the rescue to see if there were 2 minis that would compliment our lives. First and main point was that we wanted senior, older minis and if they had special needs, we were fine with that.

Mary said, she thought she had the perfect two and so we headed out on a Saturday morning to see the girls.

Our family adopts two minis from Angels For Minis Rescue in Walnut Creek, CA, in August 2018
Our family adopts two minis from Angels For Minis Rescue in Walnut Creek, CA, in August 2018

Ok, so now we’ve chosen to adopt the two girls, Mary had hoped we’d call our own. But… there is one catch!!! We don’t have a barn or a paddock, fenced in area, for them, YET!!!

We made arrangements to have the minis stay at the rescue and Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Quinn, our son and I would go and volunteer at the rescue. I was going to be a pooper scooping mama and Quinn has special needs so he was going to read to other minis that needed a special type of attention.

The minis that Quinn read to were ones that just needed a sweet peaceful individual to be in their space and allow the minis to approach without being touched as they became more socialized in gaining trust in being around humans.

Reading to miniature horses helps them gain trust in being around humans more.
Quinn reads to a couple of miniature horses who are learning to trust humans more.

Ok, so scoop after scoop of the minis poops, 3 days a week and Quinn reading and keeping different minis company went on for close to 5 months. With my husband working all week long, we only had the weekends to build the barn and paddock.

Going to the rescue during the 5 months it took us to build the barn and make things ready for the minis to be delivered to our home, gave us the unique time needed for us to learn more about minis and also gave the girls time to get familiar with us.

I nearly forgot. Quinn and I also took our two minis for a walk each day that we went to the rescue. This was really the reason we went 3 days a week to the rescue as we awaited the big day of them finally coming home.

We had really hoped we could bring the girls home by Christmas so we worked every weekend and evenings on the barn and the area where they’d roam about the property.

But, we had things to keep in mind. Where we lived, there were dogs that would run loose in our neighborhood and did I tell you? There were mountain lions in the area and yes, we had them walk about on our property. The neighbors first responded to us getting minis by saying, the mountain lions will sure enjoy them! WHAT the Heckin’s!!!

And, I need to introduce you to a bit of info about the two senior minis we adopted. They had different names and we changed them within the first week we had adopted them the first week of August 2018.

KYA, was around 19 years old, give or take a year here or there. NIAH, the smaller blond mini is the older one that the vet thought was about 21 years old. KYA is black and white and has a really fun spirited side of her that keeps us guessing and laughing all the time. We named her KYA as it means, Diamond in the Sky. Her white is like the diamonds in a black night sky.

NIAH, is the special needs mini. She has no eye ball in the one side and was pretty much blind in her other eye. Her name means, Bright Purpose. It’s now, July, 2021 that I’m writing this blog and I think after all these years of having Kya and Niah, Niah’s bright purpose is and has been to just warm our hearts with her sweetness and yet, don’t under estimate this little mini. She’s fun and spunky too!

As December approaches, we finish up the barn and the paddock. We designed and built everything keeping in mind, the predators that could pose a threat to the minis and also with Niah being blind, she’d need to be able to eat without her buddy, KYA, stealing her food.

The interior of the barn had a divider in the middle and had two entrance doors that went out into separate paddock areas, that could keep the girls separate or we could open the gates in the paddock interior and the girls could actually run in a circle in the paddock and be together.

Miniature Horse Barn and Paddock Area for blind mini
Miniature Horse Barn and Paddock Area for Blind Mini and her buddy, KYA

The girls did make it to their new home on December 23, 2018 and what a delightful wonderful Christmas present for all of us, including the minis.

The first picture of this blog with Shea Shea, our Sultan Chicken in her pink stroller and Niah on her lead, was taken the first day they arrived at their new home which was our home too! Here’s a picture of NIAH on her first day and keep in mind, when the winter months come, their coats definitely grow long and bushy.

Our blind senior miniature horse, this is NIAH's first day in her new home, December 2018
Our blind senior miniature horse, this is NIAH’s first day in her new home, December 2018
Vance with Sonny and KYA, the miniature horse, on first day home from Angels For Minis Rescue.
Vance with Sonny and KYA, the miniature horse, on first day home from Angels For Minis Rescue.

Remember how I told you Kya is silly and fun? Well, it became a game when it was feeding time in the morning. Since the barn has two doors and the paddock had the gates that would open up, I would play hide and seek with KYA and we had so much fun during this time. Here’s a little video of us playing hide and seek one morning for breakfast.

Our fun video of KYA playing Peek-a-Boo

There’s many areas that I will be sharing about our minis. Subscribe to receive an email regarding the posting of more blogs.

  1. How do we care for NIAH since she is blind
  2. Our 2 section barn in California, USA
  1. Our moving of the minis to Arizona from California and that experience
  2. The new Shipping Container custom designed barn for NIAH and KYA – SEE VIDEO ABOVE
  3. Updates about our minis and other topics that I think you will enjoy in regards to our miniature horses.
  4. The health routines for our minis since they are older and fall in the senior category.

I look forward to sharing many more blogs with you on many topics.

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