Clairvoyant Moments

Clairvoyant Moments from Life of Duchess Boyles
Clairvoyant Moments from Life of Duchess Boyles

Clairvoyant Moments from the Life of Duchess Boyles 1965 to Present.

As the years flow by and the moments within time still fill my mind, heart and spirit with communications, signs and messages, I thought it would be a fun project to create a separate website. I can share my nearly 60 years of ‘signs, messages, sessions and readings’ that I’ve had and have experienced.

I’m doing a watercolor painting for each story or post that may be digitally enhanced. Artistic creations of nearly every medium or type is for sure a way for me to stay healthy mentally.

I’ll post on this page the links to each story as I complete and add them to the other website and or to my instagram page where you can be directed directly to the post.

For now, I’ll provide the links to the posts on my instagram page and once I get the website created which will be called: ‘Clairvoyant Moments’ .com, I’ll add the links as I write the posts.

My life has been one where many of the people in my family never understood who I was always talking to when growing up. Even at a very young age of 3, I remember my mother coming out to the garage to see who I was talking with. She could never see those who I could see and I would just shrug my shoulders and tell her who I was talking to and then go on playing.

But as I got older, those who I’d be working with and would be friends with, noticed that I would have situations where people would just walk up to me and it would be like a ‘standing still moment of synchronicity of two individual coming together’ that nothing could interfer with.

It’s like time just stopped.

My mother even noticed this when we’d go shopping even to just get a few groceries. She never understood how people singled me out.

She along with those who grew to know me, knew to give me the space and moments in time to attend to what seemed to be important because like I said, time would just stop.

I’m did sessions which some people do ‘readings’ and I’ve done them long distance or face to face. But, I didn’t do a specific targeted ‘reading’. I would and do feel the messages, read the signs that are presented to me by my ‘Group’ that I’ve had with me my entire life.

Then, being the messenger, I would deliver the message. There’s only one time I delivered a message where the receivers, long distance did not validate my message and the contents within it. Every single other session, reading, message I’ve ever delivered was validated at some point if not at the time I would be sharing the information.

I won’t go into too much depth within this website page to cover my history of receiving Clairvoyant Moments of information because that’s why I’m going to have my website so I can go into more detail and also share all of the art that I’ll create for each story.

May 1, 2022, is my goal to have the first few stories that I’ve written in the past two weeks and the newest ones, composed and the new website published.

SEE the Links to the few Instagram Posts I’ve shared and these will also be in the website.

I’m wishing you well on your life journey.

‘CLAIRVOYANT MOMENTS’ new website being created – Life moments since 1965 and a bit sooner.

I have decided to create my website so my mind doesn’t grow foggy of the details and the moments in time where I depended on my ‘Group’ to deliver the messages, show the signs and lead the way. And creating the art and building the website is all artistic energy and my ‘Group’ is always a part of that process in a most interesting way which I’ll share in the new website.

Authentic Photographs of Angels in the Phoenix, Arizona USA evening Sky

The Medium Receiving Messages

Delivering the Message on Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Baby Cries – Clairvoyant Moment at Restaurant, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

The Visitors – Bozeman, Montana, USA 1965 when I was almost 5 years old but was still 4 at the time.

I’ve read books by well known mediums through the years but Tyler is one who is truly authentic. I immediately ordered his 2 books when I saw something about him online.

I am in no way a part of anything having to do with Tyler but I’m definitely wanting to share information about him with anyone who is led to this information. I firmly believe Tyler has the gift of being able to help others work through the process of grieving and also to gain hope in loving and living life after a loved one has transitioned.

MEET Tyler Henry the Famous and yet young Medium. His books are written with such clarity and detail. Tyler’s Instagram page: He has several Youtube videos and also a Netflix series

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