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Dani van Velthoven – Chris and Will Antie

New LGBTQ Movie Fall of 2022 Chris and Will The Real Prince Charmings with 'Fragile' by Dany
New LGBTQ Movie Fall of 2022 Chris and Will The Real Prince Charmings with ‘Fragile’ by Dany Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021

MOVIE TRAILER – This is probably an outdated Movie Trailer as the movie shifted into position to produce ‘Fragile’ into the documentary that Chris and Will have been working on for 20 years. ‘Fragile’ is not playing in this movie trailer but it’s the only one currently available to share.

ANNOUNCING 1 JULY 2022 – NEW RELEASED ORIGINAL SONG ‘het komt wel goed’ by dany

Het Komt Wel Goed by Dany


LISTEN to DANY talk with CHRIS and WILL on Podcast April 8, 2022 Scroll down on the page to the image of DANY and the Podcast DANY is Introduced at 34:32 into the segment

Dani van Velthoven – Chris and Will AntieMiracles Occur – Six Life Paths Intersect

My story is about six life paths intersecting and miracles begin to occur.

6 lives cross paths Dany the winner of the voice of holland and others.
Dany Winner of The Voice of Holland, JK Makeup Artist, Chris and Will Antie, Laauw and My Story 2021 VIDEO

This story begins with Dani van Velthoven aka DANY, singing at the blind audition of The Voice of Holland, Season 11. Dany sings “Hallelujah” in English and Arabic.

The beginning of each life path began generations ago when you take into when did each prior family create the next individual and so on. So when does this story really begin? I’ll start you from the point I received a birthday gift that was received a couple of months late this year of 2021. I could never have imagined how this birthday gift would have such a life saving and empowering impact on my own life.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS PAGE: Check out Dany’s Newest Fashion Statement. Dany is not only a singer, song writer, dancer, he is totally into Fashion and one day looks forward to having his own fashion line.

Laauw+ Backpack Dany fashion accesssory
Laauw+ Backpack Dany – The Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021
The Birthday Gift That Changed My Life!

Let me put this entire story which is REALITY into Perspective so when you read the timeline of how things unfold, you can truly embrace and appreciate how amazing all of this is so miraculous.

  1. I’m older than 60 years old
  2. Dany is 22 years old
  3. 20 Years Ago – Chris and Will met and started journaling when Dany was only 2 years old.
  4. We are all pulled into the events that unfold and will continue unfolding and touching lives long into the future.

My life and future have been forever changed by the events that lead me toward three other individuals who I’ve never met even to this day. What I’m going to share with you, is a true miracle. The impact of our four lives coming together will be touching lives long into the future and generations after generation. Even as I sit and write this story, the events are still unfolding and will be told by the other 3 individuals from their perspective. We have each played a role in the creation of only the beginning of the miracles that will continue to unfold.

I’ll start by sharing this next image that has really been rather a “beam of light” so to say for me to hold onto. I wrote this phrase recently and used one of the sky pictures I had taken a couple of months ago as the background. I like it and think it may speak to some of you who are reading my story.

Be A Pebble In The Sea of Life

JUNE 3, 2021 – Ok, I’ll start this story from the time I received the birthday gift. On the evening of June 3, 2021, I was scrolling through the news feed on my cell phone. There was an interesting YouTube video that was announcing the winner of The Voice of Holland 2021, Season 11, 2021. I don’t click on all of the music videos, but this one in particular caught my attention.

I clicked on the link and it was All the Performances of Dani van Velthoven – AKA – DANY, The Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021, Season 11

Dani van Velthoven – AKA – Dany – Winner of The Voice of Holland – Season 11 – All Performances

As I started watching and listening to the video segments of each song, I had to get my laptop going and be able to really embrace, listen to, and feel the music and the words as he sang but at a much fuller volume. I was crying. I was feeling like my heart was being ripped open by the most captivating and heart touching vibration of words and music that I have ever heard. I could hardly breathe.

Now, I’ll back you up just a bit. Do you personally know of anyone who struggles with mental health illness or are you someone who has or is doing your very best to cope and yet, some days are nearly more than you can handle?

I’ve been struggling with mental health issues for more years than I care to even share. I’m 61 years old and am someone who struggles with having severe PTSD. The past couple of years I’ve been on the tittering edge of taking the final step of no return. But on this special night of June 3, 2021, Dani van Velthoven’s voice was singing throughout our home as I turned the volume on my laptop all the way up.

I not only couldn’t stop listening to him singing each song, over and over, I wanted to learn more about who this new Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021 was. I just felt deep in my bones, in my spirit and heart that he is someone who is beyond the words of talent and gifted, he is an extraordinary individual. I started to do my search online to see what I could learn.

First things first, I live in the United States and Dany lives in the area of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

I Googled: Dani van Velthoven – He was announced the Winner of The Voice of Holland on MARCH 26, 2021.

Remember I mentioned above in this story, I received a birthday gift but a couple months late. Dany was announced the Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021, Season 11, on MY BIRTHDAY!!! I saw the video of All the Performances of Dany singing on June 3rd.

I’m writing this blog or my story about being part of the four of us having our life paths intersect, and how Dany’s music has literally saved my life. I will go more into that in a bit.

As I did my research, I read and listened to a few of the interviews he’d had up to that date of June 3, 2021. Then I did the search on Facebook, Twitter and Here is DanyMusic_Official Instagram account.

But WAIT A MINUTE….. WHAT THE … ?????????????

Did you watch any of the YouTube video embeded in this blog up above? Did you see Dani van Velthoven with his partner, Azad?

At that time I was doing my research, on June 3rd and 4th, the last post Dany posted in his instagram account was dated May 25, 2021 and when I read it, my heart shook and I think it’s possible it skipped a beat or two. Seriously, something inside of me snapped and I started crying so hard I had to stop reding and just weep. Dany indicated he’d been experiencing the darkest week of his life and indicated his soulmate had passed away but didn’t give any details.

When my tears dried up enough for me to do more research, I learned that many of the TV and radio stations in the Netherlands, had put out statements regarding the passing away of Dani van Velthoven’s soulmate.

JULY 2, 2021 – Dany didn’t reconnect with any of us fans on instagram until he returned to social media to start sharing with us again, on July 2nd. My own heart was still breaking for how his heart must be filling with Azad passing away. Somehow with not knowing Dany, his family or Azad, the knowledge of Dany winning The Voice of Holland 2021 and being on such an exciting new musical career journey to Azad now not by his side, I was crying so hard for 30 days straight.

Why was I crying so much? Hey, I don’t write the rules and workings of the heart but I sure feel what goes on in my heart. And all I could do was sob nearly non-stop.

In doing my research, I wanted to see the initial blind audition and hope they showed the interview with Dany that is typically done before and after the performance. If I’m not mistaken, Dany was the last performance of the competion that day on The Voice of Holland 2021, Season 11, Blind Audition. The video is below. You’ll see Dany’s fun personality and how spontaneous he is even when being on stage.

September 20, 2021, I wrote a special blog about Dany singing “Hallelujah” in English and Arabic

Toward the end of July, Dany started sharing information that he was going to be releasing on July 30, 2021, a new original single, “Fragile“. Now if any of you have one or more favorite musician artists, bands, etc., you know the feeling you get when they announce they’ll be releasing a new single or even an album with more than one song! OK… so you know how excited I was and you get the picture.

But how in the world did Dany work through so much grief, heartache, pain and the mental turmoil that comes from him finding his soulmate, Azad, had committed suicide? I am still in awe that the single, “Fragile” was not only released on July 30th, the “Fragile” video on YouTube is absolutely breathtakingly captivating and so heart touching. The words of his song hold the truth of how fragile we all can be.

JULY 30, 2021 – Upon watching the video and hearing Dany sing “Fragile“, I knew he understood the struggles of someone suffering with mental health illness.

And yes, up to this point of the release of “Fragile“, I was still listening to Dani van Velthoven’s music, but on YouTube. I didn’t know yet how to stream music but the video informtion about the YouTube “Fragile” had the LINK to STREAM Dany’s music. So, now I have his music not only streaming on my phone and laptop all the time, I even put my laptop out in our miniature horse barn and stream his music so our two really old minis can enjoy hearing the sound of Dany’s voice singing to them.

In this part of my story, the end of July with the release of “Fragile” and I’ve been listening to Dany’s music non-stop for two months. During this time and the tears I’d still cry when I’d think about how much Dany’s heart has to still be aching, I was being somehow drawn to sharing however I could, the message of Dany’s music and how the vibration and the words were healing my mind, heart and spirit. Every day I was feeling stronger and more empowered.

But somehow in all the listening to the All Performances YouTube video that I have up above, I missed something that floored me. One day, probably the end of June or the first part of July, I wanted to know more about the song Dany sang for the finale on The Voice of Holland 2021.

~ What I learned blew me away ~

Did you pay attention to the final song when you listend to him in the video above?

Did you pay attention to the words? Did you make note of what the name of the song is?

OK… no worries, let me introduce you to another reason I’m such a fan of Dani van Velthoven. This is the song that makes me dance, feel empowered and feel like I have purpose in holding on tight to staying alive. I wrote a separate blog about “MAGICAL POWERS”, the song Dany sang for his finale.

“MAGICAL POWERS” is an original by DANY

Are you wondering how and when the four paths of me, Dany and the two others who are part of this miracle journey is going to all come together in this story?

I’m getting there. Sometimes miracles can happen in the blink of an eye and this one takes from where I’m sitting, and it begins to come together and unfold within four months. Today is only October 8, 2021 and so only 4 months have passed since I first heard Dany sing on June 3, 2021. And I’m at the end of July in this journey.

Dany sings his new Single – “Fragile” released July 30, 2021

JULY 30, 2021 – “Fragile” is released for viewing on YouTube and for Streaming, Dany started doing interviews with the TV and radio stations there in the Netherlands about “Fragile” and he also spoke on the topic of Mental Health and in one particular interview, Dany shared some really heart touching pictures of him and Azad during one interview. The station played “Fragile” in the background while the images were being shown on a screen.

JULY 31, 2021 – Dany performed on stage at the outdoor Pride-TV concert. With the covid (corona) virus, the audience was limited. Dany’s performance is 1:04 into the video. (scroll over 1 minute 4 seconds)

AUGUST 10, 2021 – I had composed an email that I wanted to send out to all the Gay Radio stations around the world. Dany is an ambassador of the LGBTQ Community in the Netherlands. And now he is an activist or an individual who is working to help educate others about the struggles of those with mental health illness and those who maybe don’t see or hear the signs of someone who is on the edge of no return.

I sent out three emails and then I had the feeling that even though I was so excited about sharing Dany and his new song with all the gay radio stations around the world, that I should stop. I thought, maybe I should just pass my list with the email addresses and contact info for the stations to Dany’s manager. I had also compiled a list of 35 gay magazines I was going to reach out to.

Am I part of the marketing team for Dany? No.

I’m only a fan of Dany and his music.

Then why would I be sending emails with the information about the new release of “Fragile” to anyone little lone to Radio or TV-stations?

Well, that’s a really great question? And I’ve been asking myself every day since June 3, 2021, why am I so connected and invested emotionally in the music and the words of the songs Dany sings? I wrote another blog on July 24th, trying to write about what I was feeling. So, I won’t take up room in this blog / story to rewrite what I’ve already written. You can read the blog – CLICK HERE

With it being August 10th and I’ve sent out three emails to three radio stations, sent the other information to Dany’s manager, etc, I then continued to ask my husband and I even shared with Dany’s manager via email that I personally was questioning why my strong connection to Dany and his new song, “Fragile“.

I researched what it meant to be an online stalker and I didn’t fit that discription. I couldn’t shake the inner push and drive that I needed to share information about Dany and “Fragile“.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021, I wrote a blog about the release of Dany’s new single: “FRAGILE” CLICK HERE

Keep in mind, today while I write this blog, it is October 8th. I’m getting close to the end of September in my details, so you only have about 3 more weeks for things to totally unfold. You’ve been really patient up to this point so just keep reading.

I assure you, you will be as amazed as all four of us are, along with the others who have been part of the process of this miracle being ready to make news all around the world.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021, I received an email. Remember I told you I sent out 3 emails telling 3 different gay radio stations about Dany and his new single, “Fragile“? Mark September 28, as the date the two other individuals join the path of mine in being a fan and the sharing of Dany’s music and Dany being the Winner of The Voice of Holland, Season 11, on March 26, 2021 (which is my birthday).

Dany brings to this party or group of four, his talent and his two new original singles, “MAGICAL POWERS” and “FRAGILE”.

Let me introduce you to the two gay men who are extremely unique, special and beloved by many. These two individuals continue unfolding and presenting this miracle not only to you but to the entire world.

Meet Chris Antie and Will Antie. Will has the darker hair. These two guys met 20 years ago when they were young and at the time, they agreed to start journaling their life experiences. They wanted to document what they were and would experience in their life journey which includes both of them being gay. And yes, they are now married.

Chris and Will Antie_The Real Prince Charmings
Chris and Will Antie The Real Prince Charmings

Their story is an amazing story and one that is not mine to tell but it will be touching lives around the world and will definitely be speaking to those of the LGBTQ Communities and to those with Mental Health Illness struggles and to all of us who are willing to listen to what they have to share for many years into the future.

SEPTEMBER 28th, I receive an email from Chris and he thanked me for reaching out to him about Dany and “Fragile”.

Chris told me he had sent an email to Dany’s manager. He was waiting to hear back from her. He indicated they had a movie that was going to be released by the end of the year and they wanted to have “Fragile” be the Signature Song of the movie.

I got so excited but I stayed composed long enough to send an email to Dany’s manager. My note said, Chris, with a radio station was trying to get a hold of them and to please look for that email.

Of course I could hardly breath. I was crying with excitement for Dany’s song, “Fragile” to be part of a movie, just six months after being announced the Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021. This was an ‘Off the Charts’ experience for Dany, his manager, Chris and Will and me as well. Our excitement I don’t think could be measured!!!

I wanted to ask Chris a couple of questions because on September 19th, I had a feeling that one day I’d hear Dany’s “Fragile” playing in the background of a movie. That is the day I specifically took my laptop out to our miniature horse barn and streamed, “Fragile” while our minis ate their grain. It isn’t that I was trying to make a great video. It was an intentional action I took when I got the feeling of hearing “Fragile” playing in the background of a video and for starters, it didn’t matter what the video was about as long as Dany’s song was being heard. Hence, my mini’s eat and Dany sings.

I told Chris of my feeling and the video I created. I sent the link to him and I asked him to clarify if what I read in his initial email where he said he wanted to use Dany’s “Fragile” in a movie, if I had read that correctly.

His reply shook my world as I reread it several times.

I forwarded it to Dany’s manager and pretty much begged her to let me know if she had seen the email from Chris, telling her he was trying to get in touch and was waiting to hear from them.

AUGUST 10th = my first email to Chris about Dany and “Fragile

SEPTEMBER 28th = Chris replies to my email and says he’s trying to get in touch with Dany’s manager

SEPTEMBER 28th – 12:21 PM – Chris responds to my questions to clarify that I had read his response correctly and about my other questions. Keep in mind that 12:21 PM my time is 9:21 PM in the Netherlands. His response is copied and pasted below:


Thank you, and I look forward to hearing back from them.

Yes, your alignment is correct; we have a film going into theatres later this year. If everything goes correctly, I can still add his song to the film and make it the film’s signature song, which would possibly win it an academy award (Oscar); the film is going through the process of being placed in the voting for best film so his song would be a great addition if everything works out.

Good job on the blog; I am sure he must be pleased.

Thank you again,

Christopher Antie”

About an hour later, Dany’s manager sent me an email and thanked me and informed me they had received the email from Chris and they’ve replied to him and forwarded the email to their record label.

And, so, Dany’s song, “Fragile” will be the Signature song in the Movie, “The Real Prince Charmings” about Chris and Will Antie’s life of the past 20 years of being together. In just a little over 6 months, Dany has gone from the stage of being the winner of The Voice of Holland, to having “Fragile”, one of his originals, that speaks to the essence and struggles of those with mental health illness, being worked into being the Signature Song of a movie that is seriously at the edge of going public within a month.

The movie, “The Real Prince Charmings” is a 20 year journey of Chris and Will documenting their experiences. Then at the very last moment, “Fragile” was presented to them August 10th and by September 28, the scramble to get all the details and everything in place for the Movie to have “Fragile” playing in the background is actually becoming a true reality.

As I sit and write this blog, Everything is still being put together.

The Real Prince Charmings Documentary Poster – Chris and Will

Watch the Movie Trailer – “The Real Prince Charmings

The Real Prince Charmings” movie is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022 along with the extraordinary “Fragile” as the Signature song.

Dany’s song “Fragile” also has the potential of being an Academy Award OSCAR winning song. Dany is continuing to write and sing new songs and his life path, has him speaking for and to the LGBTQ Community and those with Mental Health Illness and doing whatever Dany chooses to do.

MOVIE TRAILER This is probably an outdated Movie Trailer as the movie shifted into position to produce ‘Fragile’ into the documentary that Chris and Will have been working on for 20 years. ‘Fragile’ is not playing in this movie trailer but it’s the only one currently available to share.

Chris and Will’s potential Academy Award OSCAR winning movie, “The Real Prince Charmings” is dynamic, captivating and heart moving on all levels as it also speaks to the LGBTQ Community and the struggles that can be experienced with mental health illness such as PTSD.

Chris and Will obviously will be continuing to share the movie as well as be empowing others in the LGBTQ Community. The big magazine companies, TV-Stations and Radio Stations will be spreading the news of “The Real Prince Charmings” being Premiered and then in Theaters across the United States.

Me… I’m just the fan that has been actively sharing information about Dany in the firm belief that his music is bigger than any one song or person.

I believe with all my mind, body and spirit that Chris, Will and Dany will be touching lives around the world for many generations long into the future.

From here… Dany will be telling, creating and living his part of the story in his own way.

As for me, I’ll continue to write blogs, do my watercolor paintings, do sculpting and listen to Dany’s music. Oh, and I’ll be taking care of all my chickens, roosters, 2 drakes (male ducks), our two miniature horses, our cats and dogs and our family.

If you believe in the message these three guys have to offer, as much as I do, please consider sharing this blog.

My birthday gift was to have Dany come into my life followed by the connection with Chris and Will. And then Chris and Will inviting Dany to consider having his song, “Fragile” be the Signature Song of their Movie,

My part in this journey where a true miracle is still unfolding is pretty much completed. I was the conduit for bringing three guys together and from there… the story will continue to unfold for years into the future as lives are impacted by the movie, music and the messages contained with both.

Be A Pebble In The Sea of Life

I Wish You the Very Best, Always and In All Ways!


***DISCLOSURE *** I am a fan of J.K. I share information about J.K. and Dany, with others because I know there are people who are looking for what these two individuals have to offer. I believe both are healers in their own way and that brings Love and Light to people’s hearts, minds and spirits.  I do not profit by sharing this information with you. I do communicate with Dany, J.K. Makeup Artist, Laauw+ or Chris and Will Antie  This website is created and managed by me: A fan of Dany and J.K.