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Dani van Velthoven Partner, Azad, was the soulmate to Dany. Dani van Velthoven aka DANY being of a young age of 22, was fortunate enough to find love that touched and shaped his life forever into his future. Azad and Dany are the only two who can really share their story with a reader such as yourself.

(Azad 1991 – 2021 Rest in Peace Dear One!)

Dani van Velthoven and his partner, Azad, have their story written within their eyes and in the videos and photos that you can browse through, watch and listen to. I’ve included links and videos for you to see these two beautiful heart inspiring men, sharing a love that was also impacted with the difficulty of mental anguish that eventually lead Azad to take his own life shortly after Dany was announced the winner of The Voice of Holland, Season 11 in March, 2021.

Cloudy stormy evening sky image with sunlight shining through. Caption says Keep Your Light Shining Even In the Darkness
Many struggle with mental health illness. Original Image of stormy sky in Arizona, USA, October 2021

Dany has chosen to speak out about mental health and the struggles that so many young and old people deal with around the world. Azad and Dany were also working on the song, “Fragile”, that Dany pushed his own spirit through the grief and saddness to still release it to the public on July 30, 2021. Azad took his life on May 21, 2021.

Dani van Velthoven with his partner, Azad share their obvious love for eachother. Look into their eyes and listen to Dany as he shares in the different videos the details he’s chosen to share with all of us.

One of my favorite original songs by Dany is: “MAGICAL POWERS” From where I am, being only a fan, this song says it all. Azad was the individual in Dani van Velthoven’s life that helped Dany embrace his, magical powers.

Dany van Velthoven and Azad can be seen in many pictures in Dany’s instagram account and one of my favorite posts that Dany posted after Azad took his life is this one: DANY Singing to Azad

Instagram for Dany – @danymusic_official account has several wonderful pictures of Dany and Azad

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The Blind Audition for The Voice of Holland shows the pre-performance interview where Dani van Velthoven shares information about his life and the special people in his life. Dany sings “Hallelujah” in English and Arabic with Azad and his mother watching him perform with precision, heart and the voice of an angel.

Dani van Velthoven Blind Audition on The Voice of Holland, Season 11

Dani van Velthoven sings his first released original song for the finale of The Voice of Holland. “Magical Powers”

Dani van Velthoven sings Hallelujah and partner Azad is at Blind Audition The Voice of Holland


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Who is DANY

**** Dany is a 6 foot 3 inch (1 meter – 93) unique, talented, sensitive individual who has the ability to reach people not only through his laughter, smile, singing but also for his love of life and being true to himself. Dany shares what he thinks the craziest thing there is and many of the things that make Dany who he is. A fun point that is shared in the article, “Dany was a Dutch Kung Fu Champion at the young age of 14. Want to know more? Dany openly shares many of his personal views with us in this wonderful interview in the Laauw+ Read more

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DANY sings his new single: “Fragile” Released July 30, 2021

Since the release of Dany’s newest song, “Fragile”, Dany’s song has been implemented into the production of a movie that has been in the making for the past 20 years. “Fragile” is the signature song of the movie and you can learn more by going to my other BLOG about Dany, Chris and Will

New LGBTQ Movie - 2021 - "The Real Prince Charmings"
New LGBTQ Movie – 2021 – “The Real Prince Charmings”


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