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Dani van Velthoven – Singing Touches Hearts

The Sound and Vibration of Music In the Life Journey of Awakening

Dani van Velthoven – Singing Touches Hearts

Dani van Velthoven – Music Goes Deep Into Heart

The Sound and Vibration of Music In the Life Journey of Awakening

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Het Komt Wel Goed by Dany


LISTEN to DANY talk with CHRIS and WILL on Podcast April 8, 2022 Scroll down on the page to the image of DANY and the Podcast DANY is Introduced at 34:32 into the segment

My Story 2021 of song ‘Fragile’ by Dany being discovered for new LGBTQ Movie to be in theaters fall of 2022.

How is it possible that certain sounds and vibrations of music that is heard and felt in the life journey of awakening can have such an unexplainable, amazing, powerful, profound impact? It is something that effects the heart, mind, spirit and in whole, the body of the individual walking through life.

This is about my life being changed by the music and singing of an individual who sings like no other person I’ve ever heard with so much life force within the vibration of their voice.

Meet Dani van Velthoven aka DANY in The Voice of Holland Blind Audition

I’ve closed my inner self off from living my life in ways that have hampered my normal gifts of intuition and creative energy for more years than I care to think about.

Being an artist of many mediums. I like to have fun and to “color outside the lines” so to say. I like to create one thing and then try and blend together the different creations with other mediums to create videos or my watercolor paintings being brought into 3 dimensional shadow box art presentations by using clays, metals, glass and other items that allow the mind to just wander about the art piece.

8" x 8" Shadow Box ART 3-Dimensional  ~ Watercolor with Clay, Metal and Glass by Duchess
8″ x 8″ Shadow Box ART 3-Dimensional ~ Watercolor with Clay, Metal and Glass by Duchess

Each of us is moved by different types of music. My mind, heart and spirit just happened to be needing to wake the heck up and get back to being creative. I’ve have severe PTSD and have had it for more years than I care to recall. So, music is very important when it can go into my heart and mind and help me escape from what is solid darkness that has me tittering on the edge daily. My past has been filled with my life experiences that are mine and then the moments that hold the vibration of never having Covid-19 but knowing of others who died of it who were loved ones of my friends. All the fears and uncertainty of the future have clouded my mind so I have continue to feel paralyzed deep into my being.

But, there is the silver lining that I know exists and so with that knowing, I have the ability to choose differently.

I choose to life my life to the fullest. I’m now taking one moment at a time to recreate myself as I awaken within to who I’ve known in the past to be creative and full of creating with a conscious intention of LIGHT and vision guiding me.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS PAGE: Check out Dany’s Newest Fashion Statement. Dany is not only a singer, song writer, dancer, he is totally into Fashion and one day looks forward to having his own fashion line. 

Laauw+ Backpack Dany – A fashion accessory with a message

Back in May 2021, a news feed from “The Voice of Holland 2021” came across my cell phone and I took a few moments to set things aside and just listen to the video with the singer who won Season 11.

And as you read further down into this blog, you will see that I like to look for and ask for SIGNS in my life to help lead and guide me. Well, the first sign that this was an important moment for me was when I saw, Dany was announced the winner on my birthday, March 26th! So until the day I die, I will always be celebrating Dany winning The Voice of Holland 2021, each year when my birthday rolls around.

My life began to change as each minute passed or should I say as each moment passed by where the vibration and sound of the voice of the singer, Dani van Velthoven, and the music played into my ears and reached my heart. I wasn’t so much watching with my eyes as much as I was listening and feeling what I was hearing and experiencing.

It’s difficult to explain how something was awakening within me that I had tucked away, very deeply behind the hidden layers of “Do Not Enter” places within my mind and heart. His singing is incredibly airy and pleasing to listen to and so I was able to just at first allow the vibration of the music to flow into the inner depths of my heart where my spirit was being clothed in an angelic vibration and aura of LIGHT.

Then as I replayed the music and listened to the words of the songs he was singing, the other part of my mind and heart were touched deeply. I didn’t just play the YouTube video of all his performances once and move on to doing something else, I just kept allowing the music to play over and over and as I did that, the vibration of each note sung chipped away at my deeply hidden memories that have needed healing.

I also looked online in YouTube for Dani’s first audition and that is where he’s able to really share more about himself. Also, watching his videos in his Instagram account along with attending his LIVE Instagram sessions. His laughter, sense of humor and him being himself, is delightful and fun to watch.

Dani spells his name, DANY, now as a musician, singer, dancer, artist and song writer. I firmly believe his music speaks to my spirit because I can feel the vibration of the music and then the words are added to that and my spirit is moved beyond words.

Dany aka (Dani van Velthoven) is a deep thought and heart feeling individual which is very apparent in his original songs that are: FRAGILE and MAGICAL POWERS

Watch Dany’s live performance of his new song, ‘DANY – FRAGILE’ on YouTube

'FRAGILE' New Single by DANY, Dani van Velthoven, Release date July 30, 2021
‘FRAGILE’ New Single by DANY, Dani van Velthoven, Release date July 30, 2021

To stream “FRAGILE” by Dany, (Dani van Velthoven),

"Magical Powers" an original song written and sung by Dani van Velthoven
Magical Powers” an original song written and sung by Dani van Velthoven

When someone believes in you more than you believe in yourself, magical things, situations and experiences can begin to happen in your life journey.

Conscious Intention Can Have the Ability to Empower Others. Magical Power” is an inspirational original song, Dany, (Dani van Velthoven) wrote and sang at The Voice of Holland, 2021 Season 11, finale. “DANY” is the Artist


Google his name: Dani van Velthoven, and you will see the YouTube performances and other online articles about him.

Dani van Velthoven is winner of The Voice of Holland 2021, Season 11

The Sound and Vibration of Music In the Life Journey of Awakening is a Choice of finding moments within time to fit some form of music into our daily lives. It may be beneficial on many levels for the mind, body, spirit and heart.

So, where does my journey intersect with your life journey? Well, it intersects right here, right now and in this very moment.

Embracing and acknowledging the SIGNS that come before us is something that I’ve learned not only to ask for in my daily walk, but to expect to receive them when and only when my heart , mind, body and spirit are open to receive the signs.

Since I first listened to the sounds of the songs and music sung by Dani, my life has turned inside out and upside down. I’ve awakened to parts of me that have been so far out of my reach, I never thought I’d be able to heal so many inner memories and painful experiences.

Turning my life inside out may be the best thing I could do!
Turning my life inside out may be the best thing I could do for myself!

I could go on and on about Dani, his voice, how proud his friends and family must be of him and yet, this blog post is about inviting you to stop for even a moment each day to start awakening to your inner and worldly purpose.

While awakening within, myself, these past 2 months, I heard this phrase one day and looked it up so I could quote it correctly and remember it.

Find Your Purpose
Find Your Purpose

Do your best to find a moment or several moments within each day and Choose To Create with Conscious Intention. Life will still toss the unknown our way and yet, we are still the master of our thoughts and actions.

I wish you all the very best that life has to offer and during these difficult times of Covid, we all may have challenging and even dreadful times and experiences that greet us head on.

Somewhere in the clouds of mass consciousness, may we each find a way to connect with our hearts and may there be the vibration of love and understanding within the moments where our paths cross.

Hugs, Love and LIGHT

Be A Pebble In The Sea of Life


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