DANY Music Backpack 2021

Dani van Velthoven aka Dany
Dany Music and Backpack Dany by Laauw+

Dany Music Backpack 2021

Dany Music Backpack 2021 page is a stop over from the posts that I had written extensively about Dany, Winner of the Voice of Holland 2021

I am a Fan of Dany’s Music. I live in the United States and Dany lives in the area of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I don’t know Dany but I sure do know how his music effects me and how it has had a positive impact on my mind, heart and spirit. So, I share from a place of knowing what I read online about Dany, see in his performances at events like the PRIDE Concert last August 2021 – (scroll to 1:04 in the online video of concert to see Dany performing or else, enjoy the entire program). Dany also with those who follow him on his INSTAGRAM or TIKTOK Page.


Dany Music Backpack 2021

Being the winner of The Voice of Holland 2021, Dany had an extremely successful year. He also had to learn to cope with the death of his beloved soulmate partner, Azad. To see Dany interacting with Azad you can watch a post that Dany shared with him singing ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran to Azad, before Azad passed away this past May 2021. This post has over 67,000+ views.

You can also watch the blind audition of Dany on The Voice of Holland, which highlights many aspects of Dany’s personality and talents.

Dany Music Backpack 2021 says it all. Dany had an amazing year of 2021 for music which included winning The Voice of Holland. Dany sang his first original to be released for the finale and that performance is ‘Magical Powers’ and that was right before he was announced the winner of Season 11, on 26 March 2021.

Dany original songs 2021 are Fragile and Magical Powers
Dany original songs 2021 are ‘Fragile’ and ‘Magical Powers’ – Makeup done by JK and Images of Dany are by JK makeup artist.

I’m someone who doesn’t believe in coincidences. I believe and have experienced many miracles and when I heard Dany sing ‘Magical Powers‘ I felt moved deeply within my heart and spirit. The words speak of someone else believing in you more than you believe in yourself.

The sound of Dany’s voice, the power within the essence of all the words and the message within the song and the music combined is a full orchastrated session of having empowering energy of all sorts directed to you as you listen and if you watch the video, then you have that experience as well. Dany stands 6 feet 3 or 1 meter 93 without shoes on. And standing tall with confidence is something Dany has been able to do many times through this past year of 2021.

‘MAGICAL POWERS’ by Dany – LAST SONG of Dany performs on The Voice of Holland 2021 Season 11

Dany performs his original song ‘Magical Powers’ for The Voice of Holland 2021 finale

Dany is announced the winner of The Voice of Holland on 26 March 2021.

Then on 30 July 2021, Dany released his 2nd original, ‘Fragile’ in a video and Steaming Online Music format. Read more about the amazing events that take place just under 2 months after ‘Fragile’ is released. Dany’s song is now going to be the signature song in a new LGBTQ documentary movie that has been in the works of creation for the past 20 years.

DANY Music Backpack 2021 – see my other main Winner Voice of Holland 2021 POST Laauw+ Backpack Dany bag.

Then the story of the Laauw+ comes into the picture and that includes the Laauw+ Backpack Dany This is an impressive fashion accessory. Dany, the Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021 was able to imput some of his own creative touches, accents and the other wonderful qualities of what would be included in the final bag. Visit the main Laauw+ Backpack Dany article and information about Dany and the making of the Laauw+ Backpack Dany.

Laauw+ Backpack Dany fashion accesssory
Laauw+ Backpack Dany -Winner Voice of Holland 2021 Fashion Accessory

My other post that is pinned to the main home page on this website has ‘All Performances’ of Dany being on The Voice of Holland and winning in March 2021. And you can read more about Dany’s song ‘Fragile’ being the signature song in the new movie to be released in the United States fall of 2022 and hopefully internationally shortly after that.

UPDATE: 1 JULY 2022 – DANY NEW RELEASE: Stream ~ het komt wel goed ~ He knows how to play the piano and he’s learning to play the guitar in 2021. On INSTAGRAM and his TIKTOK page, Dany shares a ‘snippet’ of his new song, ‘het komt wel goed’. That is Dutch translated: ‘it will be fine’ Watch and Listen to Dany playing the guitar and sharing a bit of his new song.

het komt wel goed by dany
STREAM het komt wel goed by dany NEW Release 1 July 2022

I’ll add more to this page as the moments in time arrive in my personal reality.

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I wish you all the very best,

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DISCLOSURE ****The graphic artistic images on this page a done by me, Duchess Boyles. The images of Dany are provided to me by JK makeup artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Backpack Dany images are provided to me by Laauw+. I combined the 3 images they gave me to use in sharing the Backpack Dany with others, into one image that showcase and share each comfortable way of carrying the bag.

I do not profit in any way by sharing this information. I share so others may learn about Dany Music Backpack and even about the Laauw+ company and the new LGBTQ Documentary Movie being in theaters fall 2022.