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Dany Originals Magical Powers – Fragile – Feel the Message

Dany Originals 'Magical Powers' - 'Fragile' - Feel the Message
Dany Originals ‘Magical Powers’ – ‘Fragile’ – Feel the Message – Winner Voice of Holland 2021

Dany Originals ‘Magical Powers’ – ‘Fragile’ – Feel the Message

Het Komt Wel Goed by Dany

This particular post is going to be a little different from reading something and then moving on to the next thing or event that is in your life path. But let me take a few moments to just give some background so you can understand why I’m presenting a unique type of post that is actually inviting you to experience the music and the message within the music in a different way than just reading and moving on.


LISTEN to DANY talk with CHRIS and WILL on Podcast April 8, 2022 Scroll down on the page to the image of DANY and the Podcast DANY is Introduced at 34:32 into the segment

My Story 2021 of song ‘Fragile’ by Dany being discovered for new LGBTQ Movie to be in theaters fall of 2022.

The first time I heard Dany sing on the ‘All Performances’ video was of him performing on The Voice of Holland, was on 3 June 2021. Dany was announced the winner on 26 March 2021 but I didn’t see the video until months later when it came through my news feed.

I write about that experience and share it with others because it was life changing for me when I heard Dany sing, ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen, in English and Arabic.

I watched and listened to Dany on the ‘All Performances

Since Dany sang in four different languages; English, Arabic, Dutch and French, I wasn’t familiar with a many of the songs that he sang and the titles and songwriters are listed on the video segments.

But my heart seemed to stop and even miss a beat when I got to the end of the ‘All Performances’ video where Dany sang the finale song, ‘Magical Powers’. What the hey… I took another look…

The artistic picture below that I created… says it all


MAGICAL POWERS by Dany aka Dani van Velthoven
‘MAGICAL POWERS’ by Dany Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021

I am sharing with you what I did that evening when I was not only watching but I was embracing as I experienced a shift within my mind, heart and spirit as I went through what could be called an exercise in ‘being still within’

Dany originals ‘Magical Powers’ – ‘Fragile’ – Feel the Message

This post is more of an exercise that you take to the inner areas of your mind, heart and spirit and you’ll want to get as ‘still within’ as possible.

Life is moving so fast and with the covid (corona) virus being part of the world news, we’re all effected on some level with this as well.

My goal in writing this post is to ask you to see if you can just stop what you’re doing and maybe consciously find a position within the chair, sofa, bench or where ever you are reading this to allow your body to shift into a more comfortable and relaxed position.

Serenity Found In Color 2002 watercolor by Duchess Boyles
Get Still Within – ‘Serenity Found In Color’ 2002 watercolor by Duchess Boyles

Dany Originals ‘Magical Powers’ – ‘Fragile’ – Feel the Message

‘Magical Powers’ was performed by Dany as the finale and Dany was announced the winner of The Voice of Holland on 26 March 2021. Dany singing on The Voice of Holland finale video, is just a bit further down below.

If you are prompted to try and do what I did, this exercise will be most effective if you can read through my post, become familiar with everything I’ve written and then decide if you have time to complete the entire exercise for each individual original song by Dany, ‘Magical Powers’ in one session. Then entertain the exercise with ‘Fragile’ at a different time so you can enjoy and embrace the essence within each song’s message.

‘Magical Powers’ is extremely empowering and it can assist you in believing more in who you are and help you build your confidence in your own personal magical powers.

‘Fragile’ by Dany carries an essence and message that says, ‘you are not alone in feeling fragile’.

Dani van Velthoven - Dany - FRAGILE - Dany winner of The Voice of Holland
‘Fragile’ an original by Dany – Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021 – STREAM FRAGILE

Each song can become a compliment to your daily life in their own way of how they can effect your mind, heart and spirit if you allow yourself the time to embrace everything that is within the video, the sound of Dany’s voice and the music that can also break through to areas of the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind and heart space.

Dany Originals ‘Magical Powers’ – ‘Fragile’ – Feel the Message

Now, take a breath and allow yourself to recognize that you have 100% control over your mind for the next few minutes and you are going to choose to do a bit of a mind, heart and spirit exercise and let life just keep on going but you are going to slow down and be ‘still within’ for a few moments.

  1. If you have a headset or are able to just relax and listen while you watch Dany perform, just know what volume you are comfortable with if you are trying to also achieve stillness within.

2. Once you are settled into a place where you can feel relaxed and start to feel yourself becoming more still within your heart, mind and spirit, just enjoy and watch the video of Dany performing and singing his original song, ‘Magical Powers’.

3. After watching the video, I’d like you to try and get even more relaxed within your sitting or laying down position. See if you can shake loose just a bit of the tension within your body if even just in your arms, hands and shoulders. Take a few deep breaths and just allow tension to flow from your body in the breath you breathe out.

4. Now, have the video reset to the beginning and then, once you start the video playing a second time, close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed the entire time Dany is singing the song.

5. The goal this time with your eyes closed is to listen, and I mean, to really listen to what Dany is saying with the words he’s singing. You don’t even need to be concerned with the actual music as it will find it’s way into your subconscious mind and other parts of your heart and spirit as well. This time, it’s all about listening to the words and the message within the words Dany is delivering to you on the ‘golden’ platter of his voice.

6. If you have time, of course do the listening part with your eyes closed a 2nd or even a 3rd time and then see how you feel after you continue being ‘still within’ for a few moments after the music and video stop.

‘Magical Powers’ is a Dany Original – LAST SONG of video

‘Magical Powers’ an original by Dany – The Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021

Dany Originals ‘Magical Powers’ – ‘Fragile’ – Feel the Message

Each time you listen more closely to the words, music and message within each of the two Dany Originals ‘Magical Powers’ – ‘Fragile’ – Feel the Message and your confidence in yourself and even being in your own body and situation whatever that may be, just might shift to one of you feeling differently and even more positive about your future.

I hope you experience these few moments within your personal reality as empowering and actually life awakening.

Below is the ‘Fragile’ video and I also encourage you to watch and then do the listening exercise with your eyes closed while the music plays and Dany sings the song.

Why is ‘Fragile’ such an important song to listen to and will it really have any impact on your life?

I can say with a substantial amount of confidence that ‘Fragile’ changed the events of a 20 year in the making of an LGBTQ documentary movie. The movie trailer was already being shared publically. The movie was being being premiered around the United States, ready to be released to theaters the end of 2021. When the individuals, Chris and Will Antie, who wrote the movie heard ‘Fragile’ by Dany and saw the video, they stopped everything.

Dany’s song, ‘Fragile’ is now going to be the signature song in the movie and production has taken a turn to make this all happen. The movie has been rescheduled to now being released in the fall of 2022 here in the United States and I sure hope soon afterwards for International viewing.

'Fragile' by Dany, to be Signature Song in New LGBTQ Documentary Movie Fall 2022
‘Fragile’ by Dany, to be Signature Song in New LGBTQ Documentary Movie Fall 2022

So if this can happen from a movie already scheduled to be in theaters, with potential Academy Award OSCAR nomination status, and ‘Fragile’ crosses the path of those in control of the movie, what can the message within the song really have within it’s essence that it changed the course of a movie?

What impact can it have on your life if you allow yourself time to really embrace, be ‘still within’ and feel the message?

Dany Originals ‘Magical Powers’ – ‘Fragile’ – Feel the Message

Repeat the steps outlined above for watching and then listening to ‘Fragile’ and allow yourself to really embrace and experience what the message in this song really is all about.

Dany knows what he’s written and is singing about. His soulmate and beloved partner, Azad took his own life by suicide on 21 May 2021. And Dany still found the strength to perform and release ‘Fragile’ to all of us on 30 July 2021, which was within 9 weeks after Azad passed away.

I wrote a post about Dany singing ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran to Azad. This is a Tender Moment between the two of them and Dany’s post of him singing to his partner had over 67,000+ views the end of December 2021.

‘Fragile’ by Dany – Released 30 July 2021 – To Be Signature Song in New LGBTQ Movie Fall 2022

‘Fragile’ by Dany – Released 30 July 2021 – To Be Signature Song in New LGBTQ Movie Fall 2022

The main page of my website titled: Dany Music Backpack 2021 has the list of the posts I’ve written that are about Dany and his music or the Laauw+ Backpack Dany

Laauw+ Backpack Dany fashion accesssory
Laauw+ Backpack Dany -Winner Voice of Holland 2021 Fashion Accessory

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I wish you the very best, always and in all ways.


All sky pictures in my posts and website are taken by me and any artistic and graphic work performed on images is done by me, Duchess Boyles. JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands, who did the makeup on Dany for the production of Fragile provided me the photographs of Dany that I also have permission to use.

 *** DISCLOSURE *** I am a fan of J.K. I share information about J.K. and Dany, with others because I know there are people who are looking for what these two individuals have to offer. I believe both are healers in their own way and that brings Love and Light to people’s hearts, minds and spirits.  I do not profit by sharing this information with you. I do communicate with Dany, J.K. Makeup Artist, Laauw+ or Chris and Will Antie  This website is created and managed by me: A fan of Dany and J.K.