Dany Story Highlights MUSIC

Dany Story Highlights MUSIC is fun to watch. At the same time, Dany sings and the tenderness within his voice is welcoming and easy to listen to in some of the snippets. This is an enjoyable selection of short instagram stories that he saved as a group and shares them on his instagram account.

DANY, Instagram Story Highlights MUSIC is showcased in his instagram bio.

Dany is The Winner of The Voice of Holland, Season 11, March 26, 2021.

With a few moments to sit back, sip on your favorite drink and settle into a comfortable chair, you can enjoy learning more about Dany!

Visit his other websites to learn about him, listen and watch his videos and realize that Dany has a keen eye for fashion and he’s even started his new first item of products: Backpack Dany by Laauw+ SEE BELOW

Have you seen this selection of stories about him and what he does to showcase his talents either seriously or for fun and some laughter.

Who is DANY?

Dany is such an extraordinary talented individual that there’s no way I can tell you all about him in one blog post.

I’m a Fan of Dany’s and I’ve created two websites and even have my own personal blog website where I write and share information about DANY, The Winner of the Voice of Holland. Dany can sing in four languages with such precision and accuracy that people from around the world have commented in his YouTube videos about how well he’s pronounced the words.

The Blind Audition when Dany performed on stage at The Voice of Holland, is one of my favorite videos of him. You’ll see his mother and beloved soulmate, Azad. You’ll see how he interacts with the four judges who all turned their chairs around while he was performing. You’ll hear his mesmerizing angelic sounding voice while he sings “HALLELUJAH” by Leonard Cohen in English and Arabic and you’ll get to see him dance!

DANY sings “Hallelujah” in English and Arabic.

Here are the other two websites you can enjoy looking into and definitely consider sharing them! Thank you!

I wish you the very best, always and in all ways,

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