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Dany Winner of Voice of Holland sings ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon

Dany sings 'Imagine' by John Lennon - Peace on Earth art by Duchess
Dany sings ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon – Art and Image by Duchess, Dany Fan

Dany winner of Voice of Holland sings ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon and my mind, heart and spirit feel for a moment when listening to Dany sing this song…. What if there was Peace on Earth, no country, no reason to fight and kill.

As I was looking through my watercolors, I came across these two winter holiday paintings I did over 10 years ago and they seemed to speak to my heart and the message is clear: PEACE on EARTH

And Dany Winner of Voice of Holland sings ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon with the authentic feeling expressed within his music, he feels what he’s singing.

What if there was Peace on Earth? What if we could all feel accepted? What if Peace was a reality that everyone could be living and experiencing? What if……

Dany Winner of Voice of Holland sings ‘Imagine‘ by John Lennon
Het Komt Wel Goed by Dany


LISTEN to DANY talk with CHRIS and WILL on Podcast April 8, 2022 Scroll down on the page to the image of DANY and the Podcast DANY is Introduced at 34:32 into the segment

My Story 2021 of song ‘Fragile’ by Dany being discovered for new LGBTQ Movie to be in theaters fall of 2022.

Dany Fan Artistic Pride Flag with Person being quiet behind the flag
A ‘Seeking Truth’ watercolor by Duchess Boyles is behind a Pride flag graphically overlayed over watercolor image.

The above image is from a watercolor I did that I named, ‘Seeking Truth’ and the PRIDE flag that I created and use all the time in my art.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows how it feels when someone doesn’t accept you for how you are or how you feel. This picture above isn’t just about being being one among the LGBTQ community. It is in reference to everyone deserves to feel accepted.

And who better to tell a story that will be touching hearts around the world than Chris and Will Antie and the new song by Dany ‘Fragile’.

Chris and Will are a happily married gay couple that live in Florida here in the United States. Will told me when we were speaking on the phone one evening that when he and Chris met when they chose to be a couple, they would each keep a journal.

Their life journey’s came together and for the past 20 years that they’ve created and experienced their relationship, they’ve kept not only journals but have recordings from the old style camera, VCR’s, you name it.

This past year they have been sharing their Movie Trailer with more people and then on 30 July, 2021, Dany, the winner of The Voice of Holland (March 2021) released his new single, ‘Fragile’

With me being the Dany Fan that I am, I just had to share with 3 gay radio stations Dany’s new amazing ‘Fragile’ video and his new song, ‘Fragile’ What happens next is just about unbelievable ….

But it is believable because, ‘Fragile’ is now going to be the Signature song in Chris and Will’s new movie that was supposed to be released and in theaters by the end of this year, 2021 but with the production of ‘Fragile’ now part of the movie, the schedule has been shifted and the movie: Chris and Will The Real Prince Charmings is now looking like it will be released to theaters in the fall of 2022. Hopefully it won’t be long after that and the movie will be available internationally.

MOVIE TRAILER – Chris and Will The Real Prince Charmings
This is probably an outdated Movie Trailer as the movie shifted into position to produce ‘Fragile’ into the documentary that Chris and Will have been working on for 20 years.
‘Fragile’ is not playing in this movie trailer but it’s the only one currently available to share.

New LGBTQ Movie Fall of 2022 Chris and Will The Real Prince Charmings with 'Fragile' by Dany
New LGBTQ Movie Fall of 2022 Chris and Will The Real Prince Charmings with ‘Fragile’ by Dany Winner of The Voice of Holland

And as I write these blogs, more things are happening around me and those I’ve met on this life path since I first heard Dany sing, ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen, for his blind audition on The Voice of Holland.

My life shifted from the moment I saw the news feed come across my cell phone of Dany Winner of Voice of Holland, ‘All Performances’ on 3 June 2021.

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