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JK Makeup Artist

JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam Netherlands
JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam Netherlands


JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is an artist that caught my attention months ago. I live in the United States and am an artist that notices the smallest details that someone puts into their form of artistic expression.

JK Makeup Artist captivated me by the detail she puts into the application of eyelashes and makeup on her clients. From the dramatic look to a soft natural look, her talent is undeniable. With those who she has done makeup on for the fun times around Halloween to the brides who needed her best performance, JK Makeup Artist doesn’t disappoint her clients.

JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam Netherlands - Inspiration and Passion
JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam Netherlands – Inspiration and Passion

JK Makeup Artist did a post on her Instagram page and this is what she wrote along with the picture. So, I blended the two into one artistic presentation so as to capture the feeling of what JK makeup artist was talking about.

JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands writes, “Look at this absolutely gorgeous bride @dalxx97. I love it that all of my clients are so different. I love making people feel beautiful. Everyone has their own beautiful features and culture, that’s where I get my passion and inspiration from”

I’m an artist who does many forms of art. I’m always keeping a keen eye on the detail in my own sculpting, watercolors or whatever I’m working on. And then when scrolling through the posts in instagram, I’m also excited to see another artist’s work that stops me in my tracks. I also follow another artist who does body painting and wow, wow, wow.

JK Makeup Artist is just the person who’s post stopped me in my tracks back in July 2021. From then on, I have been following her work or should I say, looking at many gorgeous and lovely clients pictures that are shared with us. It’s now January 2022 and JK makeup artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands and me here in the United States, making us pretty much worlds apart, we’ve connected in a special way.

For a couple of months I had two JK Fan websites I created just for JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam and yet, I decided to delete them this past week. She is going to have a professional website with her products that she sells on that site and I’ll share that in this post once she has it published. But for now, you can connect with her on her INSTAGRAM page.

Two Artists JK Makeup Artist and Duchess Boyles Artist
Two Artists JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Duchess Boyles in United States

I’m not one to believe in coincidence because I believe in miracles and when moments present to me that which holds opportunity and miracles, I notice. I’m one to pick up a penny laying on the ground. I’ve always felt like, if I can be thankful for the penny that crosses into my reality, I most certainly can be extremely excited and thankful for the larger presents that come along.

JK Makeup Artist does her artistic expression of applying color and eyelashes to her clients with skill and precision. Over a period of a few months, JK makeup artist gave me access to her pictures and has allowed me to do my artistic expression with them as it unfolds with me never knowing what I’m going to end up with.

You can see JK makeup artist client pictures and some short reels or videos on her Instagram page. She also has many tutorials where you can watch the before and after as she goes through the process. Those are shown on her Instagram page in the HIGHLIGHTS.

Below is an example of me being creative with a picture of JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’m putting my artistic spin on her picture and one of my watercolor paintings.

JK Makeup Artist and Duchess Boyles Artist combine artistic talents
JK Makeup Artist and Duchess Boyles Artist combine artistic talents

This image above is one of my watercolors combined with the image of JK Makeup Artist. I absolutely love this finished piece. Below, I show you the watercolor I used in this picture.

JK Makeup Artist has welcomed my art into her world and I’ll be sharing more of my artistic spin on the images available to me.

JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam Netherlands with pearls
JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam Netherlands with Pearls as part of her makeup

This is a stunning picture of JK Makeup Artist. With the touch of pearls for accent and the detail put into the blending of the makeup colors and her eyelashes is taking her talents into the area of exceptional.

And with me being an artist, I’ve got watercolors dating back to 1998 and it’s currently 2022. I opened my files to see if one of my watercolors said, “ME ME ME… I’m the one for this artistic Spin” Ok… it’s kind of like that but either way, you get the picture or I mean, the Idea.

'Absolute Knowing' watercolor by Duchess Boyles 2005
‘Absolute Knowing’ watercolor by Duchess Boyles 2005

Now, for the fun part. I’ve got to take my watercolor image and blend it with the picture of JK Makeup Artist and you’ve already seen the end results but here’s the artistic spin on things.

JK Makeup Artist with Watercolor by Duchess Artistic Spin on Final Picture
JK Makeup Artist with Watercolor by Duchess Artistic Spin on Final Picture ‘Haar’ to mean ‘Her’

I’ve done several pictures with this type of artistic expression. Each new picture has a different watercolor that I’ve painted between 1998 to current date. I’m very thankful to be able to use pictures JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands has given me access to.

When the moments in life cross your path, how do you choose to fill the space within the elements called time? This is a question I bump into all day and all night long depending if I’m asleep or not. When I’m being artistic, sleep doesn’t really exist. I think I went 7 days and only 10 hours of sleep awhile back when I was getting into my watercolors and JK makeup artists pictures.

It’s all so fun to be creative and then my mind has no openings for any thoughts that I really would rather not cross between my two ears. So, I try and stay busy with art in some format or another. Writing this blog post is a form of art and I’m looking forward to posting more with images of JK and her clients. I had several posts in this website and I deleted them this week to just start fresh and start over with a more stratigic method to how I compose and present the art that involves JK makeup artist and her clients pictures.

Thanks for taking a moment to read my post. I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Sky picture with an empowering statement
Be A Pebble In The Sea of Life

I wish you the very best, always and in all ways,

Duchess INSTAGRAM artist.i_am

*** DISCLOSURE *** I am a fan of J.K. I share information about J.K. and Dany, with others because I know there are people who are looking for what these two individuals have to offer. I believe both are healers in their own way and that brings Love and Light to people’s hearts, minds and spirits.  I do not profit by sharing this information with you. I do communicate with Dany, J.K. Makeup Artist, Laauw+ or Chris and Will Antie  This website is created and managed by me: A fan of Dany and J.K.