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LGBTQ Potential OSCAR Winning Movie

LGBTQ – Potential OSCAR Winning Movie

The internet allows for things of great importance to spread literally faster than fire or lightening. Well, I’m talking about creating a Tsunami of LOVE and LIGHT so we can all embrace and celebrate the success of this “potential” Academy Award (OSCAR) winning movie that will be released later this year. I can be thinking of no better topic than to be sharing more information about the hearts, lives and feelings of Will, Chris and other LGBTQ individuals.

Ok… yes, climate change is truly at the top of the LIST of topics to be addressing, but for now, let’s stay in the LGBTQ arena.

New LGBTQ Movie Fall of 2022 Chris and Will The Real Prince Charmings with 'Fragile' by Dany
New LGBTQ Movie Fall of 2022 Chris and Will The Real Prince Charmings with ‘Fragile’ by Dany Winner of The Voice of Holland


LISTEN to DANY talk with CHRIS and WILL on Podcast April 8, 2022 Scroll down on the page to the image of DANY and the Podcast DANY is Introduced at 34:32 into the segment

My Story 2021 of song ‘Fragile’ by Dany being discovered for new LGBTQ Movie to be in theaters fall of 2022.

Do you have a few minutes to watch a movie trailer that is: heart wrenching, dynamic, captivating, tender, riveting, amplifies courage and bravery, heartwarming, emotionally stimulating, a 10 Star movie that will impact and change lives forever into the future? Then keep reading because there’s an invitation for you to join in sharing what I’m sharing just because you want to know you’re part of something that’s all about LOVE and LIGHT.

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Both of the videos on this page will have an impact on you and possibly go deep in touching your heart and spirit. Please consider sharing this blog with others so we can all awaken to a better way of living and loving others all around the world.

Be the Pebble that Starts a Tsunami of Love and Light

MOVIE TRAILERS BELOW are probably an outdated Movie Trailer as the movie shifted into position to produce ‘Fragile’ into the documentary that Chris and Will have been working on for 20 years. ‘Fragile’ is not playing in this movie trailer but it’s the only one currently available to share.

The movie was originally scheduled to be released to USA theaters by the end of 2021. But then Dany released his amazing song, ‘Fragile’ and when Chris and Will heard the song and watched the video, all things shifted.

Watch the Possible Academy Award OSCAR Winning MOVIE Trailer BELOW

CHRIS and WILL “The Real Prince Charmings” Movie Trailer

If you could be bigger than just yourself, what would you choose to be?

Well, from where I’m sitting as just a ‘pebble‘ in the ocean of the world, I’m taking a leap into the sea of possibilities and want to see just how far my ripple from jumping in will flow. Will my tiny ripple turn into waves? Will the combined ripples that are waves turn into a tsunami?

I will never know just how magnificent and how much a single tiny pebble can impact the world unless I toss it into the Water of Life.

With you possibly being an activist within the LGBTQ community, maybe you are gay or are wondering if you’re gay, or you know of and or even love someone or others who are gay, the movement of the LGBTQ community is only going to continue being more radiant and a reality that continues to share more Love and LIGHT.

It is known to those who are aware of karma, what you put out, typically will come back to you even with more energy behind it. Another universal pattern of energy is – that which you resist – Persists. So, if individuals of this planet continue to resist and push against the LGBTQ community in whatever fashion they choose to do… guess what? The movement and confidence of gay and the supporters of the LGBTQ community will continue to grow which will allow Love and LIGHT to Shine Brighter in our world.

I’ve never understood how color of skin, sexual orientation could bother anyone, but that’s just how I’m wired in my heart and mind. I’ve always just embraced how we each have blood flowing through our veins, flesh on our bones, a brain, a heart that not only beats but feels emotions, and we each have the ability to love or hate. I choose love and this is exactly why I’m feeling small like a pebble as I write this blog and yet, I know that one pebble can change or awaken the hearts of many when the ripples of Love and LIGHT splash into your personal reality, if you are led to feel the vibration.

Then, if you feel the vibration, are you willing to join in building the ripple into waves or even a tsunami?

*** Disclosure: I make no money or profit in any way in sharing the information within this blog. What I do gain is the peace of mind and the stillness within my heart that allows me to know, my purpose here on Earth can and is larger than a single pebble when choosing to spread Love and LIGHT.


Who is Chris and Will? I’m a fan of Chris and Will. I’m glad you asked because they are truly two more pebbles in this ocean of awareness. Their LOVE and LIGHT, I firmly believe, their movie will be touching lives long into the future and into generations of the LGBTQ community and lives of others long after they are departed.

If you could participate in helping to make a difference in how gay individuals are not only accepted but loved and respected, around the world, wouldn’t you like to be part of the success of this potential Academy Award (OSCAR) winning movie that will be released later this year?

YES… I said, this movie has the potential to win an Academy Award (OSCAR) and wouldn’t you feel magnified to being larger than one single pebble if you join in helping to spread the word by sharing this blog.

I can only share with those I’m fortunate enough to reach, but with you helping to spread this amazing movie trailer, then maybe hearts, minds and lives will be changed for the better and even in extraordinary ways, all around the world.

Please join in sharing this information and this movie trailer that will be released by the end of the year.

Make sure to check out Chris and Will’s website . They have a jam packed website with so much information and are one of many Gay Radio Stations around the world, being active in LGBTQ awareness plus much more! Learn about getting a ticket to attend the Premiere of the Movie, here in the USA. This movie will be far reaching beyond the boundaries of hearts here in the USA. Lives all around the world will be impacted.  

To learn more about another LGBTQ Activist who lives in the Netherlands and who is the winner of The Voice of Holland, Season 11, 2021, check out my other blogs where I share information about him and his amazing music presentations.

Dani van Velthoven AKA – Dany STREAM Dany’s music

Blogs: Dany sings Hallelujah in English and Arabic and Dany’s newest music single/album “FRAGILE

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Thank you for taking time to read and share my post.

The World Is Blessed By Your Birth so I invite you to truly embrace and know that you are larger and more magnificent than a single pebble. Spread your wings and trust.

Sychronicity & Miracles


*** DISCLOSURE *** I am a fan of J.K. I share information about J.K. and Dany, with others because I know there are people who are looking for what these two individuals have to offer. I believe both are healers in their own way and that brings Love and Light to people’s hearts, minds and spirits.  I do not profit by sharing this information with you. I do communicate with Dany, J.K. Makeup Artist, Laauw+ or Chris and Will Antie  This website is created and managed by me: A fan of Dany and J.K.