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Ocean Heartbeat Watercolor by Duchess

Ocean Heartbeat Watercolor by Duchess Boyles

Ocean Heartbeat Watercolor by Duchess

Ocean Heatbeat” watercolor by Duchess is painted on a 4″ x 6″ watercolor card.

When I sit down to paint I never know what I’m going to paint. Truly, I’m like the customer waiting to see how a creative custom order is going to look like when the order is finished. How fun would that be to never know and just sit back and watch the colors unfold and flow onto my canvas.

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Time to Put WaterColors on Paper

I’ve been painting since I was a young child but really got back into the artistic express of putting color on paper in 1998. Since then, I’ve painted over 100 cards and then got side-tracked doing sculpting and other artistic creations.

Paint brushes to me are a big part of my watercoloring. What’s interesting is, if I hold a pen or pencil, my hands cramp but when I am holding a small paintbrush applying color to my canvas (paper), my hands just flow with the paint and colors.

Watercolor Paint Brushes

I have found that painting or doing any type of creating artistically, is a way to help settle my mind, ease my heart space and allow my spirit to relax and float me through whatever I’m creating. I have severe PTSD and art is definitely a coping skill. By doing my art, I’ve been able to not have to take medication.

I stopped painting for a few years and decided this week to get the colors flowing again so this “Ocean Heartbeat” watercolor is my first painting and I’m looking forward to keeping my paint brushes wet with colors long into the future.

Be well, be creative and know the world is bless by your birth. Find your creative way to express that which will allow you to have Peace of Mind and a stillness within.

Sychronicity & Miracles

I wish you all the very best, always and in all ways,