Painting With Your Mind Closed But Your Eyes Open!

"FOG" Watercolor Painted by Duchess Boyles 2001
“FOG” Watercolor Painted by Duchess Boyles 2001

Painting With Your Mind Closed But Your Eyes Open!

What the heckin’s does that even mean? And if heckin’s is not a word then this blog will be making my point.

It’s not about what you know, it’s about what your inner guidance can lead you to do if you stop thinking so much. So, it doesn’t matter whether heckin’s is or isn’t a word. When it comes to being creative and putting your creative energy into whatever you are doing, some things just do not matter.

All of us at one time or another have had a paint brush in our hand. Can you recall, did someone ask you to paint a specific thing or item? Were the colors and even the technique to use being dictated to you as you were instructed to paint whatever it was in front of you?

Or, when you picked up a paint brush or even do painting today, do you already have a picture of what you’re going to paint in your ‘minds-eye’? Do you know pretty much how or what your painting will look like when it is completed?

I can say, if I’m rolling paint on a fence, a wall or a board that is just to be covered or outlined such as a front door that may even have the small windows in it, I can do that all with ease. At one point in my life, I actually did commercial painting. But to paint walls, fences, doors, rooms, etc, none of that reaches into my heart and allows me to use expression of creativity.

When painting larger surfaces or edging along a floor and baseboard or windows, I do paint with precision and rarely do I ever use tape when.. When there is something to edge, I’ve mastered using a 3” paint brush to slide the fine edges of the bristles along the edge of whatever is needing a clean line of paint.  

I remember in junior high or elementary school, the art teacher handed out canvas shaped oval and then proceeded to  instructed us to all paint our oval canvas to look like a ladybug. I’m thinking a ladybug.

When I looked at the oval, my thought went numb and I just wanted to apply the color to the canvas and see what appeared when I was finished. But, nope! I was to paint this oval canvas to look like a ladybug.

Ok, here’s where I get rather deep in my explanation of how I paint. I can’t even hardly draw a stick person. If I have to look at something and try and paint it, No Way! No Can Do! Nope, I Just Get Stuck.

The ladybug by the way, that oval canvas that I was told to paint, the final finished painting looked FLAT, no dimension or depth, just a flat bug-like looking thing.

This is the interesting part for me to always keep in mind when I reach for my watercolors is that I don’t conjure up an image in my mind of what I’m going to paint.

Let’s say I’m telling you, “Do Your Painting With Your MIND Closed But Your Eyes Open!

What does that mean to you?

Some People See and Some People Don't. Apply the color to the paper without thought of the results.
Some People See and Some People Don’t

Apply the color to the paper without thought to the final result.

Apply the clay to the space you have set up for your sculpture without thought of the end result and see what you create.

What it means to me is: I am not to think about what I’m going to paint. I am to apply my brush to the watercolors and apply the color to the paper. It became my motto over the last 20+ years of doing my watercolors intentionally. My motto: Apply the Color To The Paper… That is It. Nothing More. No Thought. No Preconceived Idea. I am to keep a blank mind as if to close it off but of course I need to keep my eyes open.

Now, I do know of blind people painting and I believe I should try doing that at some time. I will write a blog on it if I do.

The image in this blog called “FOG” I painted the original in 2001, shows what I am talking about. I close my mind, have no idea what I am going to paint and then I just start applying the color to the paper.

And guess how the painting experience ends when I wrap up each painting? It ends with me sitting and looking at whatever I just painted and being as surprised as the next person or persons that see my works.

I can’t explain it but it’s how my mind or should I say, my heart and spirit work with the colors and my mind has to be patient as it waits to see what the other parts or dimensions of me Put On the Paper.

I welcome you to color outside of the lines when you are dreaming, creating and expressing yourself artistically. You may never realize how much talent you have already within you if you stick to the rules, the guidelines and the lines that define just exactly what and how you are to paint or dance or do anything in life.

Moments of creativity are expressions of your truth. Embrace You and then go out and shine your true Colors in whatever fashion you feel comfortable. Stretch to reach beyond the lines, there may be a grandness waiting to be presented to you.

I wish you well on your life journey always and in all ways!

Duchess Boyles in Buckeye, AZ