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Visions and Reality

Visions and Reality - Visionary Moments
Visions and Reality – Visionary Moments by Duchess Boyles

Visions and Reality

Visions and reality are two parts of one existence in the world I have lived in my entire life.

Visions and reality coexist within the moments of time that have led me to believe there are no coincidences within the life journey of an individual. At a young age of 4 and maybe even 3 years old, I noticed events, things, people, situations, sounds, etc., that have appeared throughout my life that I’ve learned to recognize as ‘signs’.

Visions and reality have had a way of leading me along my path in the area of making choices. From a small age, people I didn’t know would walk up to me and I’d have some insightful information that I’d share with them that they would then validate and say, my message was exactly what they needed to hear. My mother would always tease or joke in a loving way of how people just seemed to pick me out of a crowded mall or shopping center or where ever we’d be and they would be of all ages.

I learned over the years that seeing, hearing, visualizing and even feeling inwardly and even on the outside as a touch that this was a normal way for me to exist in the life I was born to live.

Others are called psychics, visionaries, empaths, mediums, etc. and yet, I just knew and know, the gifts I’ve been blessed with have become such that I no longer doubt the messages I receive. Call me goofy and I’m OK with that as well.

As I sat in my office within our home years ago speaking with my father who had just died, the phone rang and it was my half sister calling to tell me our father had died. I told my sister, Gigi, that I already knew this because he was sitting in my office. She wasn’t surprised to hear me say that because she knows of my life journey of having these types of occurrences happen in my life.

I’ve been fortunate to learn to trust the gifts I have been given for seeing, hearing, smelling and even feeling of what could be unseen and seen events, people, situations, etc.

Visions and Reality come together in the form of: Watercolor paintings, working with crystals, dream therapy, reading tarot cards, mirror gazing, being still within, spinning while standing, and other methods have been areas I’ve used to enhance the receiving of messages. I’ve learned that I have a group that communicates with me very clearly and by using what is like a large screen and projector, I receive visual informatin on the left and hear the messages from the right and then all comes together in the center for the delivery of whatever it is I’m supposed to be sharing with other individuals.

This week, 3 April, 2022, I pulled out my watercolors so I could put some color on paper, as I call it. As I’d paint and set the pad aside, I kept wondering what I was going to see when the watercolor painting was completed.

If you can see through abstract dimensions within art, you may see what I saw:

The Dove or Butterfly showed up so it remained as part of this watercolor painting I completed today, 5 April 2022.

Do you see her sitting on the ground holding the Dove 🕊 or 🦋 as the messages swirl and float around her? Then there’s light within the message she’s receiving in the upper right corner that is being handed to her.

I’m one that believes there are never any coincidences. Signs and Messages have been a way of life for me since I was at least 4 years old. So, I thought I’d open up and share this with all of you. 

The Medium Receiving Messages watercolor by Duchess
The Medium Receiving Messages watercolor by Duchess – 5 April 2022

So I don’t take you too far into the weeds of my life events, I did want to share two experiences that took place this past year and recently.

You can read more about my crossing paths with Dany aka Dani van Velthoven, the Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021, Season 11 in my posts within my website. I’m a Dany Music Fan and share his music with others. Here’s the list of Dany posts I’ve written.

I created a quick video that shares my story about crossing paths with Dany.

Visions and Reality – My Story of Crossing life paths with Dany 2021

For the latest Visions and Reality Moments that transpired just this past month of March 2022, A watercolor I painted is the topic of this Visions are Reality moments in time.

I received a Facebook message from someone who follows me and I’ll share the conversation while keeping the individual’s name confidential. The vision she speaks about having took place a couple of days before I painted the picture allowed the moments within time to flow to me so I could put the color on the paper as I call it when I paint.

I paint with my mind closed and my eyes wide open.

The conversation begins:

Mar 15, 2022, 5:32 PM
“Late last summer or early fall you did a painting with the silhouette of a woman in a mountain like background. Do you sell your paintings or do you still have it. I had a vision like that just a few days before you posted it.”

My Reply:
Mar 15, 2022, 6:05 PM

“Hi 😀, good to hear from you. I do understand dreams and I’m really happy to be sharing this with you. If there was a different image you saw, let me know but I think this may be it.”

I sent her the image below

Seeking Truth Watercolor by Duchess Boyles
Seeking Truth Watercolor by Duchess Boyles 10.16.2021

Her Response to the image:

“Thank you. Yes ma’am that’s the one. Almost exactly what I saw . My daughter and granddaughter were in front of her Maybe 15 ft. I was actually awake in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico Labor Day weekend. Then you shared your painting after that. So amazing.
So excited”

Where and how did I see this image that she also saw so clearly while she was awake? This is what I do not question when I receive messages or visions.

Visions and Reality are the areas of life that tend to come together or blend into the essence of life and that which I choose to share with others like I’m doing with you today.

I encourage you to be open to seeing and receiving ‘signs’ and ‘messages’ that feel as though you are being guided for some reason. Learn to discerne and trust and then be open to experience the miracles that life has waiting to place within your personal reality.

Visions and Reality – one moment at a time – one life time at a time but all comes together in the middle.

I didn’t want to turn this post into a long detailed message about all of my experiences which would fill many pages within many books. So many people, experiences and miracles and memories.

Thanks for taking time to read this and I wish you the very best, always and in all ways,

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