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Winner Voice of Holland 2021 and new LGBTQ movie fall 2022

Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021 Dani van Velthoven aka Dany
Winner of The Voice of Holland 2021 Dani van Velthoven aka Dany

Winner Voice of Holland 2021 and new LGBTQ movie fall 2022

Dany the talented singer and songwriter releases his new single album ‘Fragile’ on 30 July and what does the winner Voice of Holland 2021 and new LGBTQ movie fall 2022 have in common?

I’m a devoted fan of Dany’s music and I live in the United States. Dany lives in the area of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Please keep reading even if you don’t quite understand where I’m coming from, because this story isn’t about me. But, I do call it my story. I have made a short video for people to watch if they don’t feel like reading this page because my pictures and short notes tend to wrap up a good 6 months of wonderful events in about an 8 minute video. I’ll put that in here and for those who need to translate the writing of my story, you’ll be able to do that because I’ll write my story as well.

3 June 2021 first time I see Dany on ‘All Performances’ The Voice of Holland youtube video

ANNOUNCING NEW ORIGINAL RELEASED – 1 JULY 2022 ~ het komt wel goed ~ by dany – STREAM

Het Komt Wel Goed by Dany


LISTEN to DANY talk with CHRIS and WILL on Podcast April 8, 2022 Scroll down on the page to the image of DANY and the Podcast DANY is Introduced at 34:32 into the segment

My Story 2021 is actually about 6 people’s with some on the side lines, who’s life paths cross and then as I’ve stated, miracles begin to form and actually happen.

My Story 2021 of song ‘Fragile’ by Dany being discovered for new LGBTQ Movie to be in theaters fall of 2022.

Dany being the winner Voice of Holland 2021 and new LGBTQ movie fall 2022 are the true headlines that will be outlined and presented about Dany’s new released single, ‘Fragile’ being the signature song in a documentary movie that’s been in the making for the past 20 years. This is an extraordinary story, from my personal point of view.

Duchess Boyles with cat Simon and chihuahua Sonny
Duchess Boyles with cat Simon and chihuahua Sonny in the USA

Here’s a picture of me with a few of our pets. I must admit as I write this post and the many others I’ve written, I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe, embrace and have experienced more miracles than I can even remember. I look for what some people call ‘signs’ that give me validation and clarification on which way to step when walking on my life path.

If this sounds weird to you, that’s ok. My life is one that many people don’t understand and I’m totally ok with allowing others to believe and walk their own path. Mine is the one I’m focused onas I make sure to ask and look to embrace and receive the clear ‘signs’ to which way to step and then I move forward with confidence but not always knowing why or what is to take place next. I just keep moving forward as I feel guided.

Dany, the winner Voice of Holland 2021 and new LGBTQ movie fall 2022 is still in the working stages that are finalizing what Dany put into motion the day he released his new song, ‘Fragile’

The end of July when Dany had a makeup artist who happened to be JK. JK lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands and she did his makeup for the album cover of ‘Fragile’ and for the video production of Dany performing ‘Fragile’

Makeup Artist JK does Dany’s makeup for the production of his new original song, ‘Fragile’

I was captivated by the stunning application of the makeup JK did when doing Dany’s makeup for the production of ‘Fragile’.

Dany posted pictures on his INSTAGRAM page and I commented and then definitely started following JK on INSTAGRAM.

I’m an artist and I look at the tiny nearly invisible details that artists put into their choice of artistic expression.

From there, I’ve become a big fan of JK Makeup Artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’ve even made videos and have them on my youtube channel of her clients in showcasing her talents and of course the clients are all amazingly gorgeous.

30 July 2021 ‘Fragile’ by Dany is Released

Fragile by Dany Winner of the Voice of Holland 2021
Fragile’ by Dany Winner of the Voice of Holland 2021 – STREAM DANY MUSIC
DANY original song, ‘Fragile’ released 30 July 2021 to be Signature Song in Chris and Will Anties new LGBTQ Movie

I watched the video of ‘Fragile’ when it first premiered on youtube and have been sharing it with people ever since.

8 August 2021

I send out 3 emails to Radio stations here in the United States. No, I didn’t discuss my decision to do this. I just felt like I wanted to share Dany’s new song with someone who may take a serious listen to it and spend time watching the video. I’m so glad I followed my hunch in doing this.

The first response came within a day or so and I forwarded that to Dany’s manager. They said they thought the song was great and my email was forwarded to the next part of their team for review. We never heard back from them.

28 September 2021

I receive an email from Chris Antie who is with Will Antie. They have a radio podcast in Florida, USA and they are a married gay couple and have been together for the past 20 years. When I spoke with Will on the phone one evening, he shared with me that he and Chris when they first got together, they decided to each keep journals and write down their experiences as they grew into and through their relationship.

Chris Antie sends email message to Duchess and Dany's manager 28 September
Chris Antie sends email message to Duchess and Dany’s manager 28 September 2021

Well, 20 years later and they are premiering a new Movie Trailer around the country and have their documentary movie ready to be in theaters the end of 2021.

But, they received my email and the link to Dany’s youtube video produced by 8Ball Music and Chris said they were wanting to have Dany’s song, ‘Fragile’ be the signature song in a movie that was actually ready to start showing in theaters.

HEY… we’re sitting at the 28th of September and they are wanting to produce ‘Fragile’ into a movie that was really already completed and was in consideration for an Academy Award OSCAR!

Talk about head spinning. I replied to Chris’s email right away and asked him to clarify so I really read that he wanted Dany’s song as the signature song in their movie. He responded back within minutes and said, yes, he wrote his message clearly and I read it correctly. He was now waiting to hear back from Dany and or Dany’s manager.

I was jumping out of my skin with excitement and I’ll leave the rest of my excitement out of this part as I could write and write and write and jump up and down and and and… even to this day!!!

I sent a few emails to Dany’s manager to see if they had seen Chris’s note and finally heard back that yes, not only had they received Chris’s email, they had started the ball rolling with the production teams, etc. They too were hardly believing what was happening and I told them to, “hold on tight, because this was really happening.”

Remember how I said I don’t believe in coincidences? I’m wondering if I hadn’t ever heard of Dany or his new song, ‘Fragile’ would there be a new LGBTQ documentary movie being reproduced? Would Chris and Will Antie’s movie already be playing in theaters or streaming online and no ‘Fragile’ in the background or anywhere for that matter.

So, with how events can shift and move about so better outcome can result, that is what’s happening with the movie at this time. Chris confirmed with me the other day, things are moving right along and the movie is now scheduled to come out in the fall of this year, 2022 here in the United States and hopefully soon after that internationally.

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MOVIE TRAILER that doesn’t have ‘Fragile’ in it is still available to watch

Outdated – MOVIE TRAILER – Chris and Will – The Real Prince Charmings – New LGBTQ Documentary Movie Fall 2022

Winner Voice of Holland 2021 and new LGBTQ movie fall 2022 updates to follow

Have patience dear one, you reading this post is only allowing you time to start following Chris and Will or Dany or Both on Instagram or TikTok or even follow me on Instagram or bookmark my website and label it Dany Fan if that makes it easier for you to remember, I’ll update people by writing another post from my website or on my Instagram page, whenever I hear any new news from Chris Antie regarding the movie.

'Fragile' by Dany, to be Signature Song in New LGBTQ Documentary Movie Fall 2022
‘Fragile’ by Dany, to be Signature Song in New LGBTQ Documentary Movie Fall 2022

17 November 2021 Dany Shares the Laauw+ Backpack Dany

Laauw+ Backpack Dany fashion accesssory
Laauw+ Backpack Dany -Winner Voice of Holland 2021 Fashion Accessory

The Laauw+ Team is an exceptionally talented and highly skilled group that has come together to make the custom specialized bags and backpacks. Read the article they did with Dany and then check out their website. Their company and products stand for a message that you can learn about on their website.








DUCHESS – My INSTAGRAM artist.i_am


I wish you the very best, always and in all ways.

*** DISCLOSURE *** I am a fan of J.K. I share information about J.K. and Dany, with others because I know there are people who are looking for what these two individuals have to offer. I believe both are healers in their own way and that brings Love and Light to people’s hearts, minds and spirits.  I do not profit by sharing this information with you. I do communicate with Dany, J.K. Makeup Artist, Laauw+ or Chris and Will Antie  This website is created and managed by me: A fan of Dany and J.K.