Woodworking – How Deep Do The Roots Run?

Woodworking Bow Box by Betsi Packwood as a gift for Duchess Boyles.
Betsi Packwood is Duchess Boyles’ Mother. She’s 81 Years Young and Still Doing and Teaching Woodworking. She made the above box for Christmas, 2020.

*Full disclosure: I do not sell anything and do not get paid anything for any of the blogging posts I share about others who are gifted and talented in many ways. My sculptures help my mother’s wooden creations sell when and if she chooses to use them.

Woodworking – How Deep Do The Roots Run?

Some trees can have shallow roots that stay close to the surface. That can be different for desert trees. Well, yes, we live in Arizona near Phoenix. As with trees, so the roots of our family talent grow both shallow along the surface and deep into the depths of Creativity that is hard to explain it’s origin?

Betsi Packwood is a woman of 81 year young who has created her masterpieces and taught her craft dominated by men since she was about 35 years old.

Can a woman of 5’1″ and probably even shorter now, hold her own power against some men who can’t accept the creativity and brilliance a woman has to offer? The answer to that question is: Absolutely YES!!!

Not only has Betsi, my mom, worked along side the men and some women at the Sun City Wood Shop in Arizona, she worked at the Wood Worker’s Source, a carpentry supply store in the area for more years than I can remember.

When a customer needed advice regarding an artisan technique, tools, supplies, etc., Betsi was consulted due to her expertise. More often than not, she would take the customer under her wings and guide the customer to what they were looking for.

She has earned her Wings and 5 Stars in being a Shining Star for others to turn to and I’m beyond proud of her!!!

Hence my objective of sharing many of her creations in my Woodworking posts. Besides, she’s made me many things and why wouldn’t I want to share them with others?

Her newest creations keep her busy along with the wooden ARK’s she’s been making for people for years.

Today, I’ll share the box she made for me at Christmas and gave it to my husband, Vance, to give to me on our 21st Anniversary this January, 2021. So, the gift of the Bow Box means more than a box to me.

Woodworking Bow Boxes by Betsi Packwood. Betsi is 81 years young and still making these.
Woodworking Bow Boxes By Betsi Packwood – 81 years young and still making these!

When I held the box that is featured at the top of this blog, it moved my heart and my spirit. I kind of shivered because it just holds the majestic loving energy my mom puts into every piece of wood she touches.

I thought to myself how wonderful this box would be if I made up some of my artistic watercolor cards, the size of business cards and we could call it our “LOVE YOU” Bow Box.

Betsi Packwood is 81 years young and still making and teaching others to make these Bow Boxes.
Woodworking Bow Box by Betsi Packwood. December 2020. Betsi Packwood is 81 years young and still making and teaching others to make these Bow Boxes.

Our son, Quinn, who is autistic and has special needs, Vance and I could write sweet notes on the cards that come with little white individual envelopes. There will be an envelope with each of our names on it in the box and every now and then, we will each write the others a love note or something that will spark a fun memory or anything that will move our heart to feel joy, peace and deep love.

Then, whenever one of us feels like we need a bit of a “Heart Lifting Up” Moment, we can go to the box, find an envelope with our name on it and read what the others have written for us.

Our family likes to do things like this and I’ll write more about those things later.

Underside of the Base of the Bow Box - Woodworking by Betsi Packwood
Underside of the Base of the Bow Box – Woodworking by Betsi Packwood

Before I finish writing this Blog, I want to refer to the Title: Woodworking – How Deep Do the Roots Run?

My mom was a dental technician for many years and she’s someone that would sculpt and make false teeth and she even had the opportunity to create molds for people that needed new noses and I specifically remember one ear she mold she was making for someone who was having their ear replaced.

She’s talented in the way of carving exquisite casting molds for gold and silver jewelry and other small intricate things. She is also an amazing watercolor or acrylic painter.

So, how do I fit into this Tree and Root System? She somehow transferred her talents to me. As I write my blogs and fill my art page in my websites, you’ll see that the Fruit Didn’t Fall Far From the Mother Tree and her roots have stretched deep into my own gift for being creative and artistic.

Do you have any multiple talents? If so, stay awakened to the slightest new art technique that slip into your awareness. Those moments may be presenting you with a gift that could shift and alter the level at which you currently create artistically.

Art is all forms of expression so, hold on tight, especially if the roots of your creativity run deep within. The world is blessed by your birth and so shine your creativity so all can see and embrace.

I’m giving you a heads up that the NEXT Woodworking by Betsi Packwood, blog will be about the ARKS my mom still to this day, makes and teaches others to make. The ARK below is one she made me years ago.

Oodles of cuts, the top lifts off and the animals come out to play! Woodworking - ARK by Betsi Packwood.
Oodles of cuts, the top lifts off and the animals come out to play! Woodworking – ARK by Betsi Packwood.

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Thank you for taking a few moments to see the images of Betsi Packwood’s Woodworking Items. I’ll have many more to share with you.

Wishing you the very best, always and in all ways!

Duchess Boyles in Buckeye, Arizona