Wooden Ark by Betsi Packwood as a Gift to Duchess Boyles

Woodworking – Some Treasures Never Age!

There is something unexplainable about a woodworking project that once it is completed. If the completed art piece is somehow connecting the crafting woodworking artist to the receiver, there seems to be an invisible feeling of indescribable energy crafted into the object.

Remember how I told about the LOVE Bow Box, my mother, Betsi Packwood made for me? If not, you may want to catch up on that blog to learn more about Betsi Packwood.

Woodworking BOW BOX by Betsi Packwood - Duchess Boyles
Woodworking BOW BOX by Betsi Packwood. Front Brown Bow Box was a gift to me, Duchess Boyles

She is my mother but the most amazing part is, she’s 81 years young and is still captivating the hearts of many as she continues to this day, creating amazing wooden items that people order from her.

Woodworking by Betsi Packwood – Wooden Ark With Many Crafted Details

Betsi Packwood started going to the Wood Shop in her area of Sun City, AZ when she was probably around 35 – 40 years young. She was married at the time to an older man and that allowed her to move into the adult community with age requirements.

She is an artist in many mediums and I’ll be sharing stories about her because I have always wanted to shout out to the world, just how awesome she is in so many ways!

She also finds time to teach others to build, repair and do the things she knows how to do.

Today, my blog is about the Wooden Ark she built for me and the feeling I had when she gave it to me many years ago, is still held deeply within each detail of the Ark. Each time I touch the pieces of animals, or wipe the dust from the top of the ark roof, or just gaze at it, my heart and emotions are deeply moved and touched.

Wooden Ark by Betsi Packwood Roof and main upper level is removed and you can see the pairs of animals all tucked away for easy traveling or storage.

Nope, she’s never had an online business because her customers are those who know of and have seen and touched her items. She stays nearly too busy to keep up with her orders.

Wooden Ark by Betsi Packwood with the top level roof removed. LOVE the Pairs of Animals!

As I mentioned in the title of this Blog – Woodworking – Some Treasures Never Age!

Wooden Ark by Betsi Packwood has a wooden peg for lifting up and then closing down to hole the animal walk up and down ramp in place when closed.
Wooden Ark by Betsi Packwood. This is one end of the Ark
Wooden Ark by Betsi Packwood – Closed End View of Ark
Wooden Ark by Betsi Packwood – Bottom has easy roll Rollers

The Pictures of the Ark on this page are of the ARK my mom made for me and it is such a pleasure to be sharing them with you.

Measurements of the Wooden Ark – 23″ long x 10″ wide x 10″ tall

As I mentioned in the title of this Blog – Woodworking – Some Treasures Never Age!

Thank you for taking time to read about my mom’s ark. I’m going on 61 years young and this Ark was made for me about 8 years ago. It still makes me fill like a child holding a Treasure That Will Never Age!

If you’d like to receive emails on the additional woodworking blogs that I’ll be creating for the additional items Betsi Packwood has made for me and my family, please fill out the CONTACT ME info.

Wishing You All the Very Best, Always and in All Ways,

Duchess Boyles in Buckeye, Arizona

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